In Theory.

"You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward." Although I will always be a carpenter and builder at heart, I knew that my formal education wasn't nearly complete with the conclusion of my carpentry apprenticeship. I wanted further responsibilities and more challenging tasks, and I saw the opportunity for this in the field of engineering.

Binderholz, Austria

Binderholz, Austria

2012: dresden university of cooperative education;
b.eng - wood sciences and materials processing

I was fortunate that Dresden has a 200-year tradition of wood science. Combined with Germany's famous dual-education system, This university in Dresden offers a fabulous, challenging engineering program. Many of the professors teaching here have real-world experience in the field and can relate well to the engineering students. A prerequisite for the program is a three year contract with a practical partner with whom the student will work when not in the lecture hall. During this program I worked at the internationally renowned Deutsche Werkstätten GmbH.

My bachelor thesis was a feasibility study of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its integration into my sponsor's work practices; "Konzeption zur Einführung einer BIM-Software und deren Vernetzung mit der betrieblichen Bestandssoftware in den Deutschen Werkstätten Hellerau". The thesis was successfully defended in September 2015.

More information about this Bachelor's program can be found here.

2012-2015: Work as an engineering student at Deutsche Werkstätten GmbH

Deutsche Werkstätten is one of the leading interior design and construction companies worldwide, and has created a niche furnishing mega-yachts, luxury villas and corporate offices. As a practical partner, the company offers their engineering students a chance to work in any department- many, if not most of the employees working in the office have a background in wood science or joinery and have a keen understanding of the entire project cycle. The three-year period was an exciting look at a dynamic company and a chance to work in several countries and different languages.

More information on Deutsche Werkstätten GmbH can be found here.

Tradition and Precision

Tradition and Precision


2016-2017: Work as an engineer at the institute for wood technology, dresden

The Institute for Wood Technology in Dresden is a state-of-the-art facility doing research in the wood industry and associated sectors. Working in the department of wood physics, I collaborated with several larger European sawmills to improve their wood products before they reached the consumer market. The work was a fascinating look into natural resource management, economics and global markets. It was my first experience working in the field of quality management within the context of a private research facility.

For more information on the Institute and its current projects, click here.

Details are where projects are won and lost

Details are where projects are won and lost

2016: graduate program, Rosenheim university of applied sciences, bavaria

Starting in autumn of 2016, I enrolled in a M.Eng program in the field of Energy Efficiency and Wood Construction. The program seemed to be tailor-made for my background. The focus of the masters lies in wood construction, construction physics, and energy-efficiency in the built environment. Graduates of the program study in the first year towards a certification as an energy consultant for residential and commercial buildings, and a certification as Passivhaus planner. The second half of the program is a project-based study towards a certification as a specialty engineer for wood construction. The program will conclude in 2019 with the academic title "M.Eng Holzbau und Energieeffizienz".

For more information on the Masters Program (in German), click here.

2018: P+P Schwarzenberger Architekten & Ingenieure

Beginning in early 2018, I began work in this renowned Dresden architectural firm as a project manager. I work mainly in the Leistungsphasen “performance phases” 5 through 8, or from bidding and tendering through to project execution. My first project was the renovation of eleven heritage buildings in Dresden’s Friedrichstadt neighbourhood.