building materials

  • Wood

  • steel

  • masonry

  • alloys

  • glass

  • clay

  • straw

  • concrete

  • earth

  • natural fibers

Goal: the efficient and sensible use of renewable and reusable resources wherever possible

Material choice is a contentious issue. It's an intersection where local tradition, building code, architectural design and economics clash.

Now that engineered wood products are up to the task, building products sourced from wood and wood materials should make up the bulk of our structures. Your wood should come from forests near you, if at all possible. Ask about where your wood products and building products are being produced. Where the scope of these materials can be expanded or where the technical limits are reached, we shouldn't hesitate to use reinforced concrete, steel, and glass, each fantastic materials in their own right.

Challenges: public perception, constructive challenges, return on investment