ventilation & air quality

Goal: a building that is comfortable to live in, doesn't smell, and supplies its occupants with constant fresh air

We lose roughly a third of the heat in our house through leaks and unwanted convection. Some of us like to sleep with open windows in winter- how can one system take care of all this?

It's the passive house team that really understands energy efficiency, ventilation, and air quality; these buildings are recommended for people suffering from allergies or airborne particulate, because the air circulating throughout them is constantly filtered.

A ventilation system to introduce fresh air where it's needed and evacuate used air from their respective areas is a good place to invest your money. Heat recovery systems continue to improve their efficiency, with some systems retaining in excess of 90% of the thermal energy from exhaust air.

Challenge: teaching buildings' occupants how to use the system and why it needs to work the way it does